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Outlook to Actually Two-Way Sync in Conversations like Gmail does
I just lost an affiliate client to this feature. There are two parts to this request. Make it clear upfront in the marketing and in the dashboard that Outlook users with custom domains must set up MX records for conversations to work properly. Simply using the default Leadconnector domain only allows outgoing emails. It took us 4 weeks to learn we had to do this just to get replies to come into the conversations tab. The conversations tab needs to be able to accept inbound emails from leads. This works fine with the Gmail integration, but does not work with the Outlook integration. For my client, whose company uses Outlook, this was a dealbreaker, since for him, the CRM was the thing he needed most. We didn't discover this until yesterday (6 weeks after signing up), and that's when he asked for a refund. There was also another issue where every time he sent an outgoing email, it would be "unsuccessful". Reconnecting the Outlook account didn't resolve this. But clicking the little red arrow every time did. However, because of his laptop screen size, the sent messages were above the fold of the email composer, so he couldn't see that his emails weren't going out until he checked back later, wondering why his customers weren't receiving his emails (see screenshot). This unsyncing issue may also have impacted the ability for conversations to function appropriately. I also notice there's a 3MB limit on attachments and larger attachments would prevent syncing. We didn't get far enough for him to send attachments, but this would have been another obstacle to his success since he sends image-heavy product PDFs to his clients that are larger than that size as part of his sales process. I know everyone here is doing their best. I'd love to see this worked out since a lot of folks in my audience use Outlook, and I wouldn't feel comfortable selling this to them until it's sorted out. I hope this is helpful!
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