Call Tracking

Manual Call Status Reporting (ULTIMATE CALL STATUS FIX)
The Problem: There is so much potential with the various features that rely on Call Status... But, the existing Call Status tracking makes mistakes like marking voicemails as call completes and randomly marking some inbound calls as complete when they were missed. These mistakes make Call Status very unreliable. Without ACCURATE Call Status Reporting, any system built on Call Status is UNRELIABLE! (workflow triggers, call-tracking / dashboard analytics, sales team activity tracking, contact behavior, etc..) I've noticed GHL's emphasis on implementing things like call reporting for sales teams and custom dashboard widgets to support this, which I am absolutely looking forward to, but without accurate Call Status reporting, features like these will be displaying unreliable data! The Fix: We need a prompt screen to pop up at the end of every inbound or outbound call made through GHL (Desktop, Web & Mobile App). The prompt should ask the agent what Call Status was reached during the call (no answer, voicemail, call complete, busy, etc.) Any Inbound Calls that aren't specifically answered by a user should be marked as missed. Because a user has to click a button to answer a call, it must be possible to detect whether or not a user clicked the answer button on an incoming call. There could be an option in the phone number configuration menu to toggle between manual and automatic call tracking. Do Note: Using this system, all users must have inbound calls forwarded to them via the mobile or web GHL app rather than their phone number in order for the Call Status prompt to appear on Inbound calls.
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