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Exact Twilio Cost Tracking Per Campaign/Client
It would be extremely helpful if there were a way to see in dollar amounts exactly what each campaign (and or client sub account) has spent via their text & ring-less VM drops. I know that we can monitor each campaign drop-down detail, and do some manual math to multiply the stated cost of the message by the number of delivered, but why not have that calculation easily displayed in a section or via report? Additionally, I know that Twilio keeps this record, you can log into Twilio and see how much each sub account has spent each month. I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to set up that particular communication between the two systems, especially considering how much they communicate already. It would be nice to a) have that dollar amount easily visible in High Level,b) to be able to see the total number of texts a client has sent out (with total cost) andc) the total number of VM drops (with total cost) so that it can ultimately be broken down for the client when we go to invoice them for their messaging. One additional thing that can't be tracked easily is how much the client has spent on manual messaging. Apart from combing through the messages and tallying them up, there's no way that I can see to track that activity/cost. Not to mention that you wouldn't be able to see the exact cost of a client's particular manual reply or know their total since they are certainly variously sized. All in all, system to system communication with Twilio that reports back with usable data that we can use for tracking, right in High Level, would be exceptionally useful; particularly for reporting usage to our clients and determining cost structures etc. HIGHLVL-I-1714
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