Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


What’s New?
  • Configure from name and from email inside document & contracts settings
  • Users will now be able to configure from name and from email for every email/notification sent by document and contracts
  • Earlier this was limited to default name and email of the active user.
How to Use?
  • Navigate to Settings under Documents and Contracts
  • Change the from name and from email within Customer Notifications for customer facing emails
  • Change the from name and from email within Team Notifications for internal emails
Why This Feature?
Earlier users were not able to change from name and from email that was being sent to the users, thereby creating a hiccup in the flexibility.
Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 12
Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 12
With the recent release, users can now enhance their reply management of email campaigns.
Problem Statement:
Previously, users were restricted to setting a global reply-to address or using the sender’s email for managing replies to their campaigns. This setup lacked flexibility for cases where different campaigns needed distinct reply addresses, managed by specific teams like marketing or support.
Also, in some cases during replying, if contacts were marking someone in CC, it was not visible from conversation tab
What’s New:
Users can now specify custom reply-to addresses for individual campaigns, enhancing reply management.
How to Use:
  1. Navigate to Email Marketing.
  2. Choose your campaign and click “Send” or “Schedule.”
  1. If the sender email or global reply-to address isn’t suitable, select “Set a custom reply-to address for this campaign.”
  1. Input the desired reply email address.
Which Reply-To Address Takes Priority?
Priority 1:
Custom reply-to address set in the campaign’s Send or Schedule screen.
Priority 2:
Reply address specified in Location Settings -> Email service -> Reply & Forwarding settings.
Priority 3:
Current defaults
Domain Connect Integration with Client Portal
We're thrilled to introduce Domain Connect feature for client portal where user can add and migrate there domain as doing this users domains will me more secure
Key Features:
  • Load time for client portal are now 15% faster than before.
  • Better caching of pages, easy prevention of DDoS attacks.
  • More added security features.
  • Migrate existing domain.
  • User can also modify domain.
  • User can delete/remove domain.
With this new feature, you can now have separate owners for contacts and opportunities in your system. This flexibility allows for more nuanced management and delegation of responsibilities within your organization.
To enable this feature, follow these steps:
  • Navigate to Settings > Opportunities & Pipeline.
  • Find the "Allow different owners for contacts and its opportunities" option.
  • Toggle the setting to "On."
Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 20
Default Opportunity Owner:
When creating a new opportunity, the default owner will be the same as the contact owner. However, this can be updated as needed to reflect the appropriate ownership.
There are two additional subsettings available -
  • Allow updating the contact follower based on the opportunity owner change: Enable this setting to automatically update the contact follower when the opportunity owner is changed.
  • Allow updating the opportunity follower based on the contact owner change: Enable this setting to automatically update the opportunity follower when the contact owner is changed.
This will also work in the same manner when opportunities and contacts are created/updated via Automations and Bulk Actions
  1. Once the setting is turned on, the automations which currently update owners might not update the opportunity owner so please check all automations where owners are updated once the setting is turned on
  2. We are also working on adding an opportunity action to add and remove owners which will be coming soon after this release.
How It Helps
Improved Customization:
Tailor ownership settings to match your organization's specific structure and workflows.
Efficient Communication:
Automatically update followers based on ownership changes, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.
With the ability to decouple owners for contacts and opportunities, you have greater control and flexibility in managing your CRM.
What's New
  • Addressing numerous agency requests, we've implemented the ability to delete payment links directly from the payment links dashboard.
  • The purpose of this feature is to remove the payment links from dashboard which are no longer useful for the business users.
  • Audit logs would be generated for the payment links that are deleted from the system.
  • Once deleted the payment links won't be accessible to the end user for capturing payments and shows up a 404 page.
How to Use?
  • Head over to the Payments Page
  • Go to Payment Links Tab -> Click on the three dots option for any payment link -> choose delete
  • Once the confirmation modal opens up -> choose ok and voila your dashboard would now be refreshed and the payment link is deleted.
  • To check the audit logs one can go to settings -> audit logs -> filters -> payment links for the same.
delete option




Nested Folders for Workflows

About this enhancement:
Users can now create a hierarchy of folders within folders, organising workflows more efficiently. This means users can now group related workflows together, making them easier to find and manage.
What problem is it solving?
Earlier the users did not have the feasibility to create folders inside another folder nor move a folder within a folder. Users could only create folders at a root level. And the same applied for giving different levels of permissions for the nested folders. Permissions could only be given at root level.
This limitation caused from assigning different permission at a nested folder level as well as hamper from creating sub-categories in their workflows.
With this enhancement we are solving for
1. Better User Experience
  • Ability to create nested folders and move folders - Helping with organising better
2. Role permissions
  • Users can now allow permissions to sub folders - Either restricting with stricter access or same level of access as root.
Click to know more
Creating nested folders
Moving folders
Managing permissions
What’s New?
Sync your Outlook mailbox and CRM effortlessly by connecting 2-way sync! 👏
New Contacts:
  • You can now create new contacts directly from your Outlook mailbox 🤩
  • Add the ‘Auto BCC’ address to the CC or BCC field while sending an email in Outlook. 
  • 💥 Your contact will be automatically created, along with the conversation in the CRM.
Existing Contacts:
  • All emails sent 📤 from your Outlook mailbox to existing contacts will be visible in CRM.
  • All Incoming emails from existing contacts are automatically imported into CRM. 📥
Where can you find this?
  • Under the sub-account settings in the 'My Profile' section, you can see Auto BCC Sync address.
  • This is unique to each user's email and location.
How does it help?
  • Enhanced Visibility:
     Syncing your Outlook mailbox and CRM provides a comprehensive view of interactions for better relationship management.
  • Efficiency Boost:
     Creating contacts directly from Outlook saves time, helping you stay focused on tasks.
  • Primary Inbox:
     With these added functionalities, you can now use the CRM as one of your primary inboxes for consistent communication management.
 - This feature can currently be accessed via Labs.



Affiliate Manager

Sub Account Affiliate Manager: Bug Fixes

We Squashed Some Bugs!
🟨 Bug:Previously, trial-based customers were included in commissions, causing problems with payouts.
🚀 Solution: Fixed! Now, trial products will be considered as leads until a purchase or transaction is completed.
🟨 Bug: Manual sales only functioned with Default Global Commissions in Affiliate Campaigns.
🚀 Solution: Now, manual sales will also work for Affiliate campaigns with Product-Based commissions. (Product-based commissions will take priority over Default commissions.)
🟨 Bug: Affiliates added to the campaign received an invite email containing commission details only for the first tier.
🚀Solution: Now, the invite email displays commissions for the respective tier level at which the affiliates were added in a campaign.
🟨 Bug: Latency/loading time problems when creating or editing an Affiliate.
🚀 Solution: We've optimized the create/edit Affiliate flow, reducing latency by 80%.
We're thrilled to unveil our latest update, introducing support for White Label Payment (WLP) provider solution for both NMI and AuthorizeNet. This addition significantly enhances our platform's capabilities, allowing seamless integration with new payment providers built on top of native solutions like NMI and AuthorizeNet.
Enhanced User Experience with Integrated Marketplace Listings
To elevate the user experience to new heights, we've directly integrated marketplace app listings within the payment integration page. This means users can effortlessly discover and install any integration provider available through the marketplace. The page features a convenient search function, enabling users to quickly locate desired providers. Moreover, users can now install apps directly from the listing page, streamlining the process further.
How Does it Work?
Developers simply need to create a marketplace app categorised under White Label Payment Provider. Upon installation, the app automatically generates a provider configuration specific to the installing location. Once installed, users can manage connection properties just like any other native provider. Following configuration, users can designate the WLP provider as their default payment option and seamlessly utilize it, mirroring the functionality of NMI or AuthorizeNet.
Expanded Support
We're delighted to announce that the new WLP provider is supported across all platforms where NMI and AuthorizeNet have been available since day one. This includes order forms (both one-step and two-step), E-commerce stores, invoices, and payment links. :tada::tada:
Public API Support
In addition to the marketplace integration, we've also added support for two public APIs to the payment app list. This enables seamless integration with WLP solutions for NMI and AuthorizeNet, empowering developers to create even more robust payment experiences.
POST - payments/integrations/provider/whitelabel here
GET - payments/integrations/provider/whitelabel here
Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 11
Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 10
Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 11
Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 11
What's New?
  • Previously, End Users or Customers could only accept full payments through the Invoices, there was no provision of partial payment for the end customer. With this new feature, Business Users can now set a minimum percentage of the total Invoice Amount to be collected from the end customer.
Partially Paid Status
Partial Payments Dashboard
  • The customer can pay any amount that is equal to or greater than the percentage amount specified from the Invoicing Dashboard of the subaccount .
Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 6
  • Feature available for both one-time and recurring invoices.
Why This Feature?
  • This feature empowers business owners with more control over the payment plans for their customers as well as helps them to capture more payments from their potential clients/customers.
  • For recurring invoices the partial payment as a feature is available for invoices that have autopayment disabled. In case of autopayment enabled and customer card it will have the option for partial payment for the first invoice but for the subsequent one's it would autodraft the full amount.
  • This feature introduces partial payments for end customers by allowing businesses to set minimum percentages for invoice payments, empowering them with greater flexibility and control over payment plans, ultimately enhancing client payment capture rates.
How to Use?
  • Ensure that a payment gateway (Stripe / / NMI) is integrated.
  • Go to Payments -> Invoices -> Invoices Settings.
  • From this page menu click on Payment Settings and enable the Partial Payments Toggle
  • Add a percentage in the input field (Percentage is calculated based on the total amount of the invoice amount to be paid).
  • Click on "Save." and Voila you now have Partial Payments Enabled !
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