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We've jazzed things up in the calendar widget and moved the
button (now called
) to a new spot.
What does this mean?
Now, when you click on a
, the
button will be right there
beside it
, ensuring a smoother and more efficient user journey.
Key Points to Note:
We're excited to unveil our latest feature in the POS system: Linking Contacts to POS Payments! This release is a game-changer, designed to bring clarity and organization to your transaction management.
Seamless Contact Integration in Transactions
Now, you can effortlessly link a contact to each transaction right from the first step of our mobile POS module. As you enter the charge amount for a customer, you can simultaneously associate the transaction with a specific contact. This seamless integration ensures that every transaction is accurately tagged and easily traceable.
Transaction History with Contact Details
Post-transaction, the magic continues. You can view all relevant details of the contact who made the payment, including their name, email, and phone number. Just head to the transaction history page, click on a transaction, and voilà! All the information is at your fingertips.
Streamline your payments data
Why is this feature a must-have? It's all about personalization and streamlining your data. By tagging each transaction with a contact, you'll have a clear record of all of your payment sources.
Get Started with Contact Linking in POS Payments
Ready to transform your transaction management? Here's how to use this feature:
🌐 Embrace the future of transaction management with Contact Linking in POS Payments. Dive in and experience the difference in clarity, organisation, and customer insight! 🌐
Custom Values Support in Links
We are excited to introduce a powerful enhancement to our Form and Survey Builder, empowering you to create more dynamic and personalized experiences for your respondents. With the latest update, custom values are now supported in links, allowing you to tailor the user journey with unprecedented flexibility.
Key Benefits:
Personalized Redirects:
Tailor the redirection experience based on user responses. Direct respondents to specific pages or content based on their choices within the form or survey.
Dynamic URLs:
Craft dynamic URLs by incorporating respondent input into the link structure. This enables you to generate unique URLs on-the-fly, dynamically adapting to user-provided information.
Parameterized Data:
Pass custom parameters in links to seamlessly integrate form or survey data with external systems, databases, or analytics tools. Unlock the potential for deeper data analysis and integration possibilities.
Get Started:
Area of Use:
One of the most demanded feature is LIVE
🔥Email Notifications:🔥
In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is essential. With Email Notifications, you can now take your form and survey submissions to the next level.
This feature empowers you to stay instantly informed about incoming responses, allowing for timely responses and action.
🤩What’s New?🤩
How It Works:


Proposals,Estimates &Contracts

Floating signature element is now live

Experience stress-free TikTok Personal posting with our platform! Say goodbye to push notification hassles and embrace seamless, direct posting.
Create, customize, and schedule your content at your convenience for maximum engagement. Elevate your TikTok experience – start posting effortlessly today!
Say goodbye to manual push notifications and save time in content distribution.
Consistent Scheduling
: Plan ahead and ensure a well-timed presence on TikTok without daily manual intervention.
Enhanced Planning:
Strategise your content effectively, considering optimal posting times and frequency for better audience engagement.
Reduced Stress:
Automate the posting process for a smoother, stress-free content creation experience.
Improved Engagement:
Reach your audience when they're most active, leading to increased engagement.
Better Analytics:
Track post performance and optimize your content strategy over time.
Multi-Platform Integration:
Streamline content distribution across multiple social media accounts effortlessly.
How to do Direct Tiktok Posting?
💥 Don't miss out – supercharge your TikTok experience NOW! #TikTokMagic #DirectPostingRevolution :sparkles:



Affiliate Manager

New Trigger for Workflows

Release Type: T3 - Enhancement****
Release Notes
Revolutionize your affiliate sales management with our latest trigger designed to capture all successful sales by affiliates. From one-time purchases to recurring transactions and manual sales, this trigger serves as a centralized mechanism for efficient affiliate sales management.
How it Works:
Some Use Cases:
Congratulatory Email/SMS to the Affiliate
Notification Email/SMS to the Customer
Add Customer Tag for Segmentation
Add Notes and Tasks for Customer
Learn more about this new trigger here
Leverage the power of the
"New Affiliate Sales"
trigger to streamline and personalize your affiliate and customer experiences, ultimately driving increased performance and satisfaction. Upgrade your affiliate sales workflow today!
We're thrilled to introduce a new enhancement to alignment settings of all the elements. Now with advanced customization options, you can set different text alignments, button alignment, Image alignment etc for mobile and desktop views, ensuring optimal readability and design across all devices.
Hierarchical Alignment Settings🤩
Users can now set separate font sizes for desktop and mobile views, ensuring optimal readability and visual consistency across various screen sizes.
🤩Improved Mobile Editor🤩** The mobile editor has been updated to include options for adjusting text alignment settings specifically for mobile responsiveness, making it easier for users to customize their designs for smaller screens.
This feature can be used for following:
Major Paint point solved
Now there is no need to create multiple sections and keep different alignment in multiple devices and hide from one device.
How to Use:




One Time Link

We're thrilled to introduce One-Time Links, a powerful new way to share your availability.
What is a One-Time Link?
A One-Time Link is a unique, single-use scheduling link to your calendar. It's designed to automatically expire after a booking is made, ensuring heightened privacy and control over your availability.
How will it benefit users?
You can now access your
Calendar links
- Scheduling Link, Permanent Link, One Time Link and Embed Code from the
"<> Share"
option in calendar settings.
We have added the following options to the 'Record Voicemail' action:
How do you use it?
Play Beep:
This option allows users to enable the playing of a beep sound just before the recording begins. This beep serves as an indicator that the recording has started, signaling to the caller to commence their message.
Add Voice Instructions:
By enabling this option, users can configure their message either by typing it or uploading an audio file to be played just before the recording. This feature allows users to convey specific instructions, such as "Please record your message after the beep."
These options will be disabled for users already using record voicemail and they can enable it from the application.
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