Task Page Enhancements
What's new;
  • Ability to click on task name & visit the contact details page.
  • Ability to click on contact name & visit the contact details page.
  • Ability to view more information about the task details at a glance.
  • Ability to change task status (pending or completed) in one click.
  • Ability to select the Unassigned option (new attribute added) under the Assignee filter to view all unassigned tasks.
More robust flow for deleting sub-accounts (clients)
We have made improvements to the process of deleting sub-accounts (aka locations, clients) from an agency account based upon the suggestions received from our users.
This also eliminates the risk of deleting your client's sub-account by mistake
and allows you to change your mind in case you decide to stop the delete operation.
You can also stop the delete operation if one of your team members (agency admins) has started the delete sub-account process.
: Features mentioned in this release are accessible by agency admins only.
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 28-09-2022 10_24_18
We now have a double confirmation before an agency admin can delete a sub-account.
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 28-09-2022 10_26_33
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 28-09-2022 10_28_50
Once you confirm the delete request, delete operation is scheduled for 24 hours in future and, since this is a sensitive & irreversible step,
a notification is sent to all agency admins
that looks like this.
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 28-09-2022 10_29_06
Inbox (128) - shivam@gohighlevel
Slack _ ! Prashant Mittal (HighLevel) _ HighLevel-Corporate _ 48 new items 28-09-2022 10_31_16
At this point you do not need to take any action, but if you change your mind and need to stop the location from being deleted
any agency admin can stop the delete operation
by clicking on the following buttons.
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 28-09-2022 10_29_06
Inbox (128) - shivam@gohighlevel
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 28-09-2022 10_32_00
If you stop the delete operation before the 24 hour window is exhausted, the sub-account will remain as is and no changes will be made to your client/location. Further, all agency admins will be notified of this as well.
Inbox (128) - shivam@gohighlevel
If you try to delete a location that is in SaaS Mode, it will prompt you to disable SaaS Mode first.
Inbox (130) - shivam@gohighlevel
This should offer peace of mind to our agencies knowing that even if a client's sub-account is deleted erroneously all agency admins will have time to act, it can be stopped and no data would be lost.
Tax Management for SaaS Selling
SaaS Mode
Our pro agencies selling SaaS in EU & north America have frequently requested basic tax management capabilities in SaaS Mode. Now we have a working solution for this using Stripe checkout!
You will need to configure tax categories (like VAT or Sales Tax) directly in Stripe for your tax products. You can choose whether to make your tax inclusive or exclusive in your SaaS pricing.
You will need to use Stripe's Tax management service in order for this to work. Refer to -
: Please check with your tax attorney or CA regarding tax laws in your region. This article is an assumption for demo purposes only.
Once you have activated Stripe's Tax management service on your Stripe account and gone through the registration process, you will be able to pick tax categories on your SaaS
like this
Captures 27-09-2022 08_51_25
You may also need to define tax behavior on individual
to decide whether you wish to include (no additional charge to your client) or exclude (taxes charged extra to your client).
Products – shivamtiwari93
Now you can copy the SaaS direct sale link and share it with your prospects and their experience will look like this
Products – shivamtiwari93
This should help our agencies selling SaaS primarily in EU, UK & USA and make taxation easier to manage!
: Please note that this feature is available only with SaaS direct payment links and is
supported on funnel sales yet.
Coupons for Selling SaaS with discounts & promotions
SaaS Mode
Many of our agencies selling SaaS have request the support of coupons for selling SaaS plans so they can run offers and promotions for their prospects.
This is now possible with SaaS Direct Payment links!
You can configure the coupons directly in Stripe by logging into your Stripe dashboard. Refer for details.
Here I have a created a coupon for 20% OFF for first 3 months directly in my Stripe account. I have also made sure that it is applicable to my SaaS plans and added a promo code
Screenshot 27-09-2022 08_25_19
When I copy the SaaS direct payment link
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 27-09-2022 08_11_41
And share it with my prospects, they will be able to enter the coupon during their checkout
Coupons for Selling SaaS with discounts & promotions _ Changelog _ Canny - Google Chrome 27-09-2022 08_27_32
Coupons for Selling SaaS with discounts & promotions _ Changelog _ Canny - Google Chrome 27-09-2022 08_28_33
This should allow our SaaS agencies to run more lucrative offers for their prospects and sell more SaaS!
: Coupons are currently only supported on SaaS Direct Payment Links using Stripe Checkout. This feature is
available for funnel sales yet.
Trial period is now Supported on SaaS direct payment links
SaaS Mode
Agencies selling SaaS using direct payment links, now, have the option to include free trial as part of their Stripe checkout experience. No additional setup is required for this feature. It will use your current trial settings automatically.
You can configure your desired trial on the SaaS configurator
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 27-09-2022 08_11_33
You can copy the direct payment link for your SaaS plan
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 27-09-2022 08_11_41
When you share it with your prospects, they will be able to see the trial on their checkout screen
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 27-09-2022 08_11_55
This should allow our agencies more flexibility in selling SaaS.
Send invoices as PDF without Stripe Connect
Users would be able to use the invoicing feature without Stripe Connect under
Payments -> Invoices
. This includes sending both one-time and recurring invoices.
The end customer would be able to download a pdf of the invoice
Invoice (1)
After sending the invoices as pdf, users will be able to mark the invoice as paid after receiving payment from the customer using the
Record Payment
option in the invoice.
To accept card payments on invoices, Stripe Connect is mandatory
Subscriptions page live in Payments
Subscriptions page has been added under
Payments -> Subscriptions
which will provide the list view of all subscriptions purchased via order forms, along with the transactions recorded under each subscription and the current status of the subscription.
This will be useful in keeping a track of customers with an active/expired/canceled/failed subscription.
Subscription-blurred (1)
Improvement in Blogs
Blog Improvements
  1. Improvement In Published Blog Post Flow
    - You can now edit the Category, Author, and Status of a blog post after it's been published.
Set Publish Date Of Blog Posts
- Decide whether the publish date should be the current date or a date in the past.
Validation on Image and Video Sizes
  • SEO update window -
  • Category image -
  • Author image -
  • Image from Media Library -
  • Video from Media Library -
  1. [Fix] The default GIF has removed from the Blog template to keep Whitelabel intact.
Reputation Overview Enhancement with Yext Listings
We have enhanced the Reputation overview dashboard with Yext Listing status. In our efforts to make it easier for users to have easy access to the Yext listing we have improved the reputation dashboard with a Listing overview.
By making Yext listing features more accessible, we hope to make it easier for users to use them.
Yext listing visibility on overview at the subaccount level can lead to more sales of Yext listing at the subaccount level. This will help agencies to increase their recurring revenue without any effort.
  • For Subaccount without Yext Listing you will notice a new card to activate:
Yext Listing inactive
  • Subaccounts with Yext activated can view the status of listings:
Yext Listing active
Direct Payment Links for SaaS Plans
SaaS Mode
Now our SaaS agencies can have a faster and easier payment links for their SaaS Plans using Stripe checkout.
You will notice these new links on your SaaS Configurator
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 20-09-2022 07_31_05
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 20-09-2022 07_35_17
Clicking on these payment links will show you a direct / quick checkout link that you can share with your prospects or use on your funnels.
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 20-09-2022 07_31_14
When your prospects click on this link they will go to Stripe checkout experience which looks like this
Universal Agency - Google Chrome 20-09-2022 07_31_26
This provides you an additional method to sell SaaS to your prospects without needing to use funnels.
: This release does
change or restrict any existing methods of selling SaaS like HighLevel funnels, HighLevel websites or 3rd party solutions. You can continue to use your funnels as is.
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