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Review Request System Enhancements
The current review request system works okay, though there is a lot of room for improvement in order to compete with other reputation management platforms out there. These are my top recommended review system enhancements: Provide the ability to trigger review requests just like any other triggers. Currently review requests can only be sent manually via the "check in," button, or after a timed delay. This does not work for customers who should be sent a review request at some point in the future. Give us the ability to trigger a "review request," within the trigger actions. Disable the "check in," button. This button is useless for many types of businesses that don't necessarily "check in," their customers. Point #1 would also render this button not needed as we could then automate review requests based on triggers. Ability to customize and create follow up text and email messages within the review request feature. The majority of reviews online will not come from the first request. Allowing us to create follow up messages will increase the number of reviews we can generate for our customers. Provide a trigger for "New Review Received," which would allow to send an email notification to our clients whenever a new review has been detected by the system on Facebook or Google. (The system is already tracking these reviews and allows us to respond to them from within the platform). This is a very standard feature on all rep management software. Lastly, with follow up sequences we would need the ability to stop the remaining sequences in the campaign as soon as someone clicks on the review link. This could certainly be accomplished with trigger links, but it might be beneficial to have this feature be build natively into the Review Request system. NOTE: All of this could be achieved also by eliminating the "Review Request," email and text feature and simply connecting the Review Request tracking tab with the regular campaigns. This way we could customize as many follow ups as we want and send them out and they would be tracked within the Review Requests tab. HIGHLVL-I-832

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