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*Conditional Logic based on Custom Values in Workflows!
We really need to be able to make conditions based on a custom values value in a workflow.1. Let's say you have a custom value you use in your snapshot for restaurant clients, 'VeganOptions?'. This is used to easily identify if that client has vegan options...Now, if we had the ability to Condition Based on Custom Values, client A 'VeganOptions?' would just need to be set to Yes or No. Now when the contact hits the pre-built workflow about vegan options, if set to yes they would be sent a message "yes click here to see them" or the other way "sorry we don't have any vegan options...". All of This Was Accomplished With One Workflow!!!2. Some times clients want to send emails and sms. Some just want to send emails to save on costs. If we had a custom value 'Send SMS?' set to yes or no, we should be able to condition on that and send them down correct path in the workflow. Why Do We Have To Make Two Workflows, One To Send Email And SMS And One To Send Just Email?Just let us condition based on if custom value contains, is, is not, etc. and we will be all set. This gives the ability to make a snapshot for all our clients and set up in minutes, even making it custom based on client criteria, by just filling in some custom values!If you couldn't tell this is a very important one to me 😂Please Upvote This, It Will Help Open The Doors To So Many Possibilities!!!Other Ideas That Just Make The Above 10x More Powerful...Update Custom Values with a Workflow Action - in Workflows to Send Contacts Down Random Paths -*External Requests! (Please Go Vote For This) - {{ to bring up list of Custom Fields/Values - HIGHLVL-I-5222
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