Conversation AI

GHL AI Assistant (For users - NOT for customers)
Given this is the direction that Google is going with Gemini for Gmail and we can expect many platforms will go, I suggest it's worth looking into for the big picture... A BUILT-IN GHL AI ASSISTANT (IN THE GHL BACKEND - NOT FOR CUSTOMERS - FOR US!!)... WHAT DO YOU THINK? EXAMPLE DIALOGUE: ME: "Create a smart list of people who have purchased before but not in the past 12 months, but have been reading our emails." GHL AI: "Sure Adrian. I've created a Smart List of people that purchased a product, but not within the last 12 months, and who have been opening emails. It's called 'Purchased over 12 months ago & reading emails'." ME: "Great, thanks. Now create a workflow that sends a sequence of 5 emails over 5 days, offering compelling reasons to purchase our most recently added product, with a link to the product page. If the person buys the product, remove them from the workflow." GHL AI: "No probs Adrian. I've created a Workflow called '5 day course promo' that sends 5 compelling sales emails over 5 days for the '2025 Business Coaching Course'. People who buy it will be removed from the workflow. The workflow is in draft mode. You can review the emails here. Would you like me to make it go live?" ME: "Great work. Change the main call to action in the emails to buttons instead of text links." GHL AI: "Got it Adrian. I've changed the call to action links to buttons. You can review the emails here. Would you like me to make the workflow go live?" ME: "Yes. And add everyone from that smart list to the workflow." GHL AI: "Sure. The '5 day course promo' workflow is now live and everyone from the 'Purchased over 12 months ago & reading emails' smartlist has been added to it."
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