Automate partial payments with workflows (expansion of manual partial payment addition)
Dear Go High Level Team, I am an active user of Go High Level and would like to propose additional features to enhance the invoicing process, specifically focusing on automated partial payments and flexible invoicing. Automated Partial Payments: Allow users to specify the required deposit percentage when creating an invoice. Provide flexibility for users to set the percentage of the total invoice amount that must be paid as a deposit. Workflow Triggers for Partial Payments: Introduce a workflow trigger event for "Success - Partial Payment." Enable users to create customized workflows triggered by the successful receipt of a partial payment. Flexible Invoicing with Workflows: Enable users to create invoices that can be paid either in full or in part. Allow users to associate workflows with specific events (e.g., invoice creation, partial payment received) to automate subsequent actions. Customization of Partial Payment Conditions: Provide options for users to customize conditions related to partial payments, including automated reminders, follow-up communications, and other workflow-driven actions. Streamlined Invoicing Process: Address the need for a streamlined process to create invoices that can be paid in partial or full. Minimize the need for multiple invoices, allowing users to set conditions and preferences within a single invoice creation process. Benefits: Empower users to control the required deposit percentage for invoices. Enhance automation capabilities by allowing workflows triggered by partial payment events. Streamline the invoicing process, reducing the need for multiple invoices for automation. I believe that incorporating these features will significantly improve the invoicing experience for users who seek flexibility and automation. Your attention to these enhancements is highly appreciated, and I look forward to the continued evolution of Go High Level. Reference: Recently launched 12/20/23-12/22/23 manual partial payment option, my idea can expand on this and make it more streamlined for those that want partial payments paid not manually but by the customer based on % invoice (deposit/down payment) requirements set at the invoice level: Best regards,
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