Huge Improvement for Tasks
To enhance the tasks feature in our CRM, we should consider implementing a range of functionalities similar to those found in leading CRM systems. Here’s how we can update and improve our tasks feature: Task Creation and Details: Allow users to create tasks associated with specific deals, contacts, or organizations, and provide the ability to specify details such as task type (call, meeting, email, deadline, etc.), due date, and priority level. Scheduling and Assignments: Users should be able to schedule tasks for specific dates and times and assign them to team members. This will facilitate better organization of the workday and ensure critical activities are not overlooked. Reminders and Notifications: Implement reminders for tasks, which can be sent via email or as notifications within the platform, to alert users about upcoming or overdue tasks, aiding in effective time management. Calendar Integration: Ensure tasks can be integrated with external calendar applications, allowing users to see their tasks in the context of their overall schedule and manage their time more efficiently. Task Tracking and Management: Provide a system where users can easily track the status of their tasks, marking them as completed, rescheduling, or updating details as necessary, thus managing workflows effectively. Analytics and Reporting: Include analytics and reporting capabilities that allow users to analyze tasks by type, status, assignee, and other criteria to gain insights into productivity and workload distribution. Enhanced Sorting and Filtering: The Tasks screen should be highly customizable, allowing users to sort and filter tasks by due date, opportunity, contact, staff member, or activity type. This will enable users to quickly find and prioritize tasks based on different operational criteria. By implementing these features, our CRM’s task management capabilities will be significantly improved, fostering better productivity, enhanced collaboration, and a more streamlined workflow for the team.
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