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Enhanced Social Planner for HighLevel Membership Platform
There's a feature enhancement I'd like to propose which I believe could significantly enhance the user experience and offer even greater value for businesses like mine. Background: Currently, HighLevel's Social Planner is adept at scheduling and automating posts across various social media channels, ensuring that businesses have a consistent online presence. This automation has been a game-changer, reducing the manual labor and time required to keep our social media profiles active. Feature Request: I propose that the Social Planner's capabilities be extended to the HighLevel Membership platform. In essence, I would like the ability to schedule and automate posts within our memberships, just as we can on social media platforms. Benefits: Consistent Member Engagement: By scheduling content in advance, we can ensure that our members receive regular content updates, keeping them engaged and ensuring a steady flow of value. Efficiency: This would reduce the manual work required to constantly update the membership platform, much like the current benefits we see with social media postings. Strategic Planning: It allows businesses to strategically plan their membership content in alignment with other marketing initiatives. Implementation: I envision this feature working seamlessly with the existing Social Planner interface. Users would have an option to select their Membership platform alongside their social media channels. From there, they can create, schedule, and automate posts that will appear to their members at the predetermined times. Conclusion: I genuinely believe that integrating this feature into the HighLevel Membership platform would provide immense value, not just for me, but for all HighLevel users who are looking to maximize their membership engagement. Having the ability to automate and schedule content would be a groundbreaking feature that sets HighLevel even further apart from competitors. Thank you for considering this feature request. I'm eager to hear your thoughts and hope to see this enhancement in the near future.
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