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Smart Agent Assignment: Enhancing GHL's Live Chat Featur
Description: We propose an enhancement to the current live chat feature in GHL to improve user experience, particularly for businesses with multiple users or agents. Problem Statement: Currently, when live chat is enabled, all users in a sub-account can access and view conversations with live visitors. This can lead to confusion and potential conflicts, especially in sales, where agents have specific leads and contacts they are responsible for. Solution: Our suggestion is to implement an agent assignment feature using workflow automation. This would ensure that new contacts engaging in live chat are directed to the appropriate agent, eliminating confusion and conflicts among users. Benefits: Improved User Experience: Visitors will be seamlessly connected to the right agent, providing a smoother interaction. Conflict Prevention: By assigning chats automatically, conflicts over ownership of leads and contacts can be avoided. Efficiency: Agents can focus on their designated contacts, leading to more efficient and personalized interactions. Enhanced Productivity: Users won't need to sift through chats that aren't relevant to them, saving time and effort. Implementation Inspiration: We suggest taking inspiration from Go High Level's own support live chat, where visitors are asked a series of questions to identify their concerns and route them to the appropriate staff or agents. A visitor who is already assigned before must be redirected to his/her original user. Call to Action: We encourage all GHL users to support this idea by providing additional suggestions and voting for its implementation. Together, we can make GHL an even more effective tool for real estate practitioners and other professionals. Let's enhance the live chat feature and take our user experience to the next level! 😊🚀
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