I love the new affiliate portal but one thing I'd love to have is for the ability for my affiliates to be able to customize their affiliate link. Basically let's say I have an affiliate named Katie and Katie is in 2 of my 2 campaigns. For one campaign her affiliate id is Katie171 and in the other campaign It's Katie185. It would be great if we could customize the affiliate id for each campaign. This would work great with the universal affiliate link suggestion made here - https://highlevel.canny.io/sub-account-affiliate-manager/p/universal-affiliate-link
By combining the universal affiliate link suggestion with this one Katie can potentially have all your affiliate ids be the same FirstNameLastName so that it's unique to her.
This feature is already available in sites like FirstPromoter and I'd love to see it here too. I'm ready to cancel my FirstPromoter subscription I'm just missing these 2 features to make my affiliates lives easier.