This should be done as soon as possible!
The new SERVICES CALENDAR is AMAZING but there is still a lot of things that we need to be able to make it PERFECT!
For now, if we want to indicate the full price for each service we must integrate Stripe. This is great BUT it means that we are obliged to charge the full price to our clients BEFORE the booking date. Unfortunately this is not how it works in the service niche (hairsalon, spa, ...), they like to charge a deposit or to have a bank imprint (not charged) to prevent them from no-shows, and then ask the clients for the rest of the payment when the client is in front of them (in cash, they love cash haha).
We should have the possibility of charging only a deposit (which we would configure in the settings of each calendar) but without changing the indication of the full price of each service in the service menu.
This means that we should have the possibility to configure for each service:
  • the full price
  • the amount of deposit we want to charge
and this for each service.