Stripe is pretty much our only option when it comes to payment processing within GHL SaaS Mode subscriptions and rebilling, and that's causing us some headaches.
One big issue we're facing is fund reserves. Stripe has this habit of holding onto our hard-earned cash in reserve. It's like they're trying to play banker with our money, and it's putting a real strain on our finances and operations.
Another problem is sudden account shutdowns. Some of us have had our Stripe accounts mysteriously shut down without any clear reasons. That's a major issue, especially when it throws our business into chaos.
We think it's time to mix things up and explore other payment processor options within GoHighLevel SaaS Mode. By giving us more ways to handle payments and more control over our money, you'll help us keep our businesses running smoothly and avoid unnecessary headaches.
We totally understand that Stripe has been your go-to partner for a while, but for the sake of our collective sanity and success, we'd love it if you could consider adding some alternative payment processors into the mix.
Being proactive about this would mean the world to us SaaS entrepreneurs. It's all about securing our financial futures, and we're sure you're on board with that.