Domain reputation is of utmost importance for email marketing, but your platform lacks the ability to assign a specific email subdomain for a contact or workflow.
You guys have the ability to set up multiple email subdomains for a location, but the system only uses the default value. I need email subdomains for newsletter/team/support/etc, and would like to compartmentalize my cold "marketing" subdomains from my other lines of bulk communication.
Masking the "to/from" fields is just a superficial cosmetic feature to make an inbound email look pretty. I'm concerned about domain reputation, where my cold email marketing could compromise the integrity of my other communication channels.
Honestly, not having this capability in play seems a bit neglectful and irresponsible for a marketing platform.
The good news... you guys already have everything you need in place to implement this solution very quickly and easily. Your agency view can already direct multiple email subdomains to their respective location subaccounts. Each location already has the ability to add multiple email subdomain providers. Toggling back and forth between different default subdomains does not break the lines of communication with an existing contact. Really all that is needed is a dropdown box within the workflow and/or contact settings, to toggle which email subdomain the message should be routed through. And for users that don't want/need this capability, if only one default subdomain is established under settings, then the dropdown menu could be grayed out or unavailable.
This should be considered an absolutely necessary feature for any group that works with email marketing.