I have checked the bounce rates for some of my sub-accounts and they are insanely high in some cases.
Like 8% or 10%. However, these are very engaged lists that were imported from other email services. I received a warning that one account would be shut down if the bounce rate stays this high.
I then turned on lead verification over a week ago, but despite this, the latest email campaign got an 8% bounce rate.
The checkbox to mark bounced emails as invalid is checked as well.
I looked at the email addresses that supposedly are invalid (mailbox doesn't exist error) and looked them up with another verification service (Neverbounce), and Neverbounce returned them as valid.
I believe there are issues with the LC email reporting and handling, or some inboxes are rejecting LC emails by default. I see a lot of yahoo.com, verizon.com and aol.com addresses in the bounce report.
So to summarize:
1) Bounces seem to be reported very high in some accounts that have great, clean, warm email lists and great sender reputation with their old email service.
2) Bounce rate stayed at 8% on the latest campaign despite email verification being turned on AND the checkmark is set that bounced emails are marked as invalid.
3) When checking email validity statuses across different verification services, LC email seems to mark emails as invalid due to "mailbox not existing" although the email comes back as "Valid" when checked in Neverbounce.
I have no idea what is going on, but this leads to problems with clients.
They usually know their lists quite well and their bounce rates with their old provider was low. So when they see 8%-10% bounce rates, they think something is up on my end.
It makes them not want to send emails through the platform, and instead stick to their old email provider, which creates problems.
It's also scary to get emails about a sub-account having too high of a bounce rate and being disabled if the problem is not addressed, but even with the fixes in place, the bounce rate appears to be very high.
I'm afraid emails and inboxes that are actually valid and exist are being marked as invalid. And I'm worried that clients would actually be better off using a third party service for their email sending.
I have read some other posts in here about DNDs and contacts without email address being marked as "bounces" as well. Not sure if that's the case, but this would obviously also be a problem.
Is anyone else having these issues with high bounces on some accounts?
And is this something the High Level team is aware of and actively looking into, and improving?