there must be a way to have more user levels (not just admin or user)... Such that users can be divided up into teams with a team leader and then leaders can go underneath a region leader which roll up to the admin. This is important for sales businesses so that each user can have their own leads, and for example, there can be 5 users underneath a team lead with another 5 users under a separate team lead and another set of 5 under another team lead. Then all 3 team leads could roll up to a regional leader and multiple regionals could roll up to the main account admin/company owner.
Solar Industry example: there are 3 vans with 6 seats in each van.
A van consists of 5 door knockers and 1 sales closer. Each knocker needs to see (and work) their own leads. But only their specific closer needs to see all the leads for each knocker in their own van. However, the closer should not be able to see leads from other van's knocker. Then a level up from that, the closer manager/regional see all the leads which are assigned only to the vans which are under them... basically allow GHL to be subdivided into teams within each account