For anyone selling physical products through GHL, we need an integration with a shipping provider to get pricing on shipping and print shipping labels.
Here's a short list of companies who offer this:
  1. (easy and free, API?)
  2. (free)
  3. ($9.99/mo)
  4. ($19.99/mo)
  5. ($19.99/mo)
  6. ($14.99/mo)
Here's a list of basic features that would be helpful:
- Product setup - Specify which countries we ship to (and which we do NOT ship to)
- Product setup - Choose flat rate shipping or dynamic pricing, based on customer's address
- Product setup - Shipping insurance
- Product setup - Set our markup
- Checkout Page - Get shipping rates in real time, based on the customer's address
- Checkout Page - Address verification in real time
- After Checkout - Print a label, email it to location admin or save to contact's profile as custom field
- After Checkout - Receive tracking number and save to contact's profile as custom field
- Workflow - send tracking number to customer
- Optional: Have a "tracking widget" in the funnel builder that pulls real time updates from shipping API on page load