We need the ability to assign multiple users see a contact, plus the ability to then assign a Primary User that all automated communication comes from.
Here's the use case:
  1. New lead comes in and is assigned to a Setter. Setter is assigned as the primary user so any automated communication comes from the setter contact info. The setter needs to always stay assigned as the "setter" so we can track reporting and performance based on the appointments that setter has booked.
  2. Setter set a sales appointment. They use the calendar to book the appointment and we have a toggle in the calendar settings to choose if we want the assigned calendar owner to not only be assigned to the contact, but be the primary owner assigned. Which means all automated convos will come from the assigned closer. The setter is still tied to this contact for viewing status of the sale and taking it back over as needed.
  3. The setter and closer are also part of a regional sales team. The regional sales manager only wants to see the contacts within their team, but they don't need to be the primary user. They just need permission to see all contact activity within their team.
In the end the solution seems to be:
  1. Teams Manager Role and permissions: You already have a team feature. Please create the ability to assign a Manager role to a team. That manager now only sees contacts within their team. Plus all users in that team can see contacts in their team. This needed because we have several setters that work different shifts. Many times, Setter A initiates the contacting, but they go off shift... then a prospect replies and we needs Setter B that's now on shift to reply and continue the convos in order to get a booked appointment.
  2. Create Different Roles with custom permissions: So we can jump into the settings and click "setup user roles". click "create role" and we can name it whatever we want that makes sense to the client model. i.e Setter, Closer, Sales Manager. Each role can have their own custom permissions if we'd like.
  3. Assign multiple users to a contact that have different roles to play. For example: Setter Role & Closer Role. So now we can create a new user on our team and give them the Setter Role which we've customized with our own certain permissions.
The setter is now assigned to the contact as "the setter". But they hand off contact to another user that has "Closer Role" when they book a sales appointment. So now the contact has two users assigned to them. Setter stayed assign but now we have Closer too.