Client’s unique data is dynamically merged into their assigned Custom Dashboard.
Each client will see their own data, status and/or files. Get a head start with pre-built Dashboard templates and Info Pages. Embed iFrames, YouTube & Vimeo. Be able to streamline interaction with your clients.
Fully customized to fit the unique needs of your organization
Be able to live chat with client inside of the portal and receive notifications when a message is in their portal and vice versa.
Each Client will have access to only the pages, information and files you designate for them.
Upload files and documents for Clients to view and download
Create a complete “website-like” structure for your clients.
Clients can View and Pay Invoices online without having to be logged in
Pre-Built Dashboards and Pages get you going quickly.
Dynamic Data Placeholders show the currently logged-in Client’s data.
Set the “Start Page” for a Client to see directly after logging in.
Everything is fully responsive for mobile devices (tablets & phones)
You can use iFrames, YouTube, Vimeo or any embeddable widget.
Easily Build custom dashboards using Dynamic Placeholder Links
Dashboard Links automatically adapt depending on which Client is logged into the platform and viewing the Page.
Direct your Clients exactly where you want them to go.
Completely control what your Prospects/Clients can see and do.
You can easily hide any part of the platform that you’re not yet using so that Prospects/Client won’t see.
The Announcements' widget lets you offer a custom Welcome Message
Use our “Translations” feature if you want to modify menus/labels
Be able to go in and impersonate the client to see what they see.
You can require payment to register and enter your Portal.
Set up a one-time payment OR a recurring subscription payment
Works with all available payment gateways (no recurring subscription payments are possible via PayPal).
Use Dynamic Title placeholders to help identify payments
Portal access is blocked until payment is submitted and verified.
Create complex layouts and style content with little technical knowledge
Drag & drop content blocks containing text, photos, videos, charts, etc.
Insert Dynamic Data using placeholders or setting Custom Fields within the Block
Content can be made fully responsive, so it displays nicely on all types of devices.
Built-in Snippets and Template Library will be continually updated with fresh pre-built layouts & blocks.
Kickoff Forms are dynamic and let you kick off a funnel or process for your Clients.
Update Forms let you update existing Contacts or let your Clients add more info to their profiles.
General Forms give you even more flexibility and can be used inside or outside the platform.
Trigger Automations & Integrations automatically upon completion of a Form
Customize your Client’s experience with your own logo and colors
Customize all email notifications sent to your Clients and Staff
Client portal with your own custom URL
Completely customize the Login Screen with your own logo and colors
“Magic Link”
Your Clients don’t ever need to remember their password
Clients just enter their email address and receive a link via email.
Simply clicking the link sent via email INSTANTLY logs them in.
Gain access to pre-built Portal Pages, Documents, Proposals, and Email Marketing emails.
With new releases from the community, there will always be fresh ideas to choose from.
Preview of the Template, then download it directly to your platform.
Create your own Templates and share them with the Community