GHL could be used to replace other cold email tools - especially when the new email tracking comes live.But for cold email, there are a couple of very important features that all these tools (Woodpecker, Mailshake etc) have:Control the speed at which emails are sent out (throttling) - this helps you to warm up emails correctly and space out your emails over the course of a day, so Google doesn't think you are spamming. Mailshake does this through letting you send X emails every Y minutes - for exampleControl the number of emails send per day in an account. The limit for a non G-suite account is 300 emails. With G Suite you can go up to 3,000 but 500 is the 'recommended' amount - you have to have properly warmed an email to go higher than this.Add these to features that GHL already has (ability to connect Gmail accounts, ability to control sending times, email open and click tracking (coming soon)) - then GHL could properly replace expensive cold email software out there...Attached is a screenshot of settings from Mailshake that show you how the above 2 bullet points are set.