My B2B customers, medium - large contractors to be specific, has been requesting a Project Management feature for a long time.
➕ Add a Project tab in the main meny that could be toggled on/off like other features.
✅ Create a new project.
✅ Assign staff, contacts, companies and opportunities to the project.
✅ Add basic data to the project like address, value, source, etc.
✅ Let us add custom fields, notes, documents, tasks, etc.
✅ Let us assign proposals, estimates, appointments, invoices, etc. to the project.
✅ Let us mark communication like emails and SMS to the project.
➕ Let us switch between two overviews.
✅ Listed view, like the contacts-view with search, bulk actions, etc.
✅ Pipeline view, like opportunities-view with custom steps.
Please comment below if you have additional ideas.