Triggers for Memberships

These are some we would love:


Granting access to a product -

Revoking access to a product -

Activating custom code (CSS & JS) in the user's dashboard - this would allow us so much flexibility like showing a message when a card expires or there is a next level product we want to highlight.


Completed % (Maybe Completed Specific Lesson)

Logged In

Access Revoked

Access Granted

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  • May 8 2020
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  • Dmitriy Kruglyak commented
    9 Oct, 2020 09:13am

    @Shivam what about Triggers for view/complete specific posts/categories?

  • Admin
    Shivam Tiwari commented
    9 Oct, 2020 05:41am

    We have added
    - grant offer access trigger
    - revoke offer access trigger
    - Custom CSS / JS done
    - Complete % (coming soon)

  • Martin Keene commented
    8 May, 2020 04:27pm

    also trigger a campaign when membership joined/purchased so we can send more detailed E-mail and text confirmation.

    Current E-mail sent is very simple just with login details so would like to send a more customer service written E-mail so they know fast action steps, book an on-boarding call

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