Embedded Spreadsheet inside client account

Would be really useful if we could embed an iframe somehow in GHL.

I've been trying for months to find a way to work with the Opportunities Pipeline with my clients but the Trello like cards just don't serve me and my clients.

I'm getting way more commitment and accountability from them when using spreadsheets. The only problem is that it pains me when I show this amazing tool but then I tell them "btw we will be exporting these leads to a separate spreadsheet that can you use the framework there to follow up".

Makes it seem all clumsy and sketchy. I tried with the trello cards view in GHL and it's just too confusing, cards are too big and they can't organize themselves properly.

So at least if I could embed the spreadsheet inside GHL that would make it all more professional under the same link/website. This way I can customize the spreadsheet however I want and the clients can see it in GHL as part of the system.

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  • Sep 8 2019