Case Management & Time Tracking Option on HL

What about having the option to create and manage cases on HL? For example:

1) Client has an issue that needs to be resolved. We can go into case management and open a case which generates a case number for the client.

2) In every case there can be a section for an assigned user to comment on the case for others to see. and reply to.

3) On the case there are different steps that determine the status of the case. This with workflows is great because anytime a case is updated. The client can be on a campaign giving them an update of where it stands.

4) Billable time tracking option on the case would be awesome as well. When a team member works on a case that needs to be billed. They can punch in and out then generate a report which can be billed to a client.

5) When a case is complete we can set a trigger to let the client know with a campaign that contains the summary.

  • Ronnie Funes
  • Nov 23 2021
Category (Product Areas) Team Management
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