A few years back when I first started wearing

A few years back when I first started wearing my face on underwear, it was quite a big shock. I mean they were so different looking. They were not meant for my face at all! I wore a T-shirt, a couple of shorts and a skirt. What I wore to bed on a normal day was a baggy sweatshirt that had a picture of my favorite band on the front. No makeup and no idea how to pull it off properly.

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The other thing was the smell. I am not a very big nose person. Sure, I could get compliments from people but when it comes down to actually getting the job done, I find my best results are with perfume or cologne rather than an aftershave or lotion. So, having to wear a heavy smelling perfume or cologne all day just didn't sound like something I was ready to do. Especially not when I could buy those items in bulk for much less at the store.

There are some other things about wearing my face on underwear that I haven't really seen too much of yet. But these two made such an impact on me that I have decided to share them with you. First off, your face really needs a certain amount of moisture. You need to make sure that it is constantly moist so your skin stays supple. It also allows your face to breath which is important.

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Another thing I noticed is that when I was wearing my face on an underwear liner, I always seemed to get my lines and wrinkles a little bit worse around my eyes. It was as if my face was trying to tell the world that I was aging. Yes, aging is a process that we all go through. But wearing my face on an underwear liner made it seem that much worse.

If you've ever gotten a sunburn, you will understand what I mean. The sun can really dry out your skin really quick. The lining on my underpants always got really dry and flaky after a few hours. And when I tried to shower later on, I could barely get my skin smooth again. It was really uncomfortable and it was obvious that my face needed some help.

What I didn't realize was that the problem with my face also had to do with how I was shampooing my hair. I was using the wrong products on my face and in my scalp. It was a really bad mix of ingredients. It stripped away my natural oils, which really affected the state of my face.

I know that there are some great anti-aging creams and lotions available now. But my face still wasn't feeling as healthy and smooth as it should be. That's when I started really learning what it really takes to have younger looking skin. I used those anti-aging methods and I also started to eat better. The results for me were really amazing.

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I was able to see a huge difference right away. My face was feeling softer, my wrinkles were less noticeable, and my face actually seemed to glow. All of these things happened in just a few weeks. When I first started to look at face creams, I thought that they were just plain expensive.

I don't have to worry about that any longer. Now I can use any of them without worrying about the effect they'll have on my face. They're really cheap too. They are much more affordable than any other type of anti-aging cream. You can get a bottle of each, so I buy them all year around.

If you've been thinking of trying a product like this, it is really worth it. You'll see an immediate difference in your face. Your face will glow, you will look years younger. And your face will stay that way. It's really the best thing that I've found for keeping my face looking young.

You should try one if you're serious about looking younger. It's the only way that I would recommend to keep your face looking young. I've seen the results first hand. My face looks completely different.

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  • Oct 18 2021
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