Specific Dates & Times available in calendar

I think it would be INCREDIBLY helpful if there was a way to add specific dates to a calendar in additin to the days and hours weekely. This would signifigantly increase the possibilties the calendar brings us and our clients and it is a feature I am really missing.


Appts availible ONLY on Nov 6th at 3 pm, Nov 21st at 1 pm, Decenber 5th at 11 am

This would give a way to simplify live class bookings and ESPECIALLY appointments time slots when clients don't want to be avaible on the same days and times every single week.

This is a common feature in other calendar systems and it would be something that would really make our calendar bookings 100% compeditive with other systems avalible

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  • Oct 5 2021
Category (Product Areas) Calendar / Appointments
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