Custom Values EVERYWHERE in the Web/Funnel Builder

This is not a small issue. Currently, we're unable to use custom values in

image links
sms buttons
call buttons
nav menu image
nav menu links

Also GHL is forcing all links to be "https" web links, even if you use fully compliant "mailto", sms" and "tel" style links.

Here's an example of everywhere custom values don't work in the builder - and it should.

I've put in multiple tickets and keep being told that this is "in the works".

This is kind of a big issue for those of us deivering prebuilt content in snapshots and SaaS installations.

When will this be a priority?

  • Guest
  • Sep 29 2021
Category (Product Areas) Funnel, Websites
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  • krystal foreman commented
    16 Nov 07:55am

    also be able to use custom values into the hex colors, images, etc

  • Guest commented
    27 Oct 08:11am


  • Jahan Hadi commented
    30 Sep 05:57am

    It should actually work everywhere in GHL not just specific places. I didn't know it actually wasn't done yet. That's odd how it works some places and others don't.