Include a Contact's Time Spent on Page (for video funnels)

Many of our funnel pages have videos on them (some of them are long videos like webinars), and it is very helpful to know how long a prospect stayed on the site to watch the video.

If I have 2 prospects hit my /video page...

  • One person is on the page for 30 seconds

  • Another person is on the page for 30 minutes...

  • I know that one of those leads is more valuable to follow up with first!

This should be easy to do, since GHL is already recording sessions for each lead, yes?

The time could be reported right on the contacts page, under their activity. (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO #1).

(Optional) It might be overkill to report "time on page" for every single page they visit. So what if there were a setting (checkbox) on each funnel step to "report time on page" ... then we could choose to only turn it on for the pages we want. (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO #2)

  • Nick D.
  • Feb 22 2021
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  • Nick D. commented
    22 Feb 11:02pm

    Even better would be the actual length of time they watched the video. (EXAMPLE ATTACHED).

    In order to do that, we would probably need to upload our videos directly to GHL.