No indicator on "All Emails" in the new email designer that an email has been schedule causing confusion & multiple email sends.

Issue Summary: There is no indicator on the "All Emails" tab of the New Email Designer that the template has been scheduled OR on the scheduling page. When a user goes in to edit a previously scheduled email, they have no way of know it is already scheduled. This client ended up sending the same email six times after making small edits to the template because they thought when they went in to edit a scheduled email, it was cancelling the prior scheduled send. Because the Schedule & Send page didn't indicate otherwise, they went ahead and scheduled it again.

Replication Steps:

  1. Create a template in the New Email Designer (ex: 2.10.2021 Weekly Email)

  2. Schedule that email to go out in the future

  3. Go back in and EDIT that same email template

  4. You can see on the Scheduled Page she scheduled it SIX times. (Ex 2.10.2021 Weekly Email)

  5. DESIGN FLAW - There is no indicator the email was previously scheduled within the template or on the front page of the new email designer.

  6. RECOMMENDATION - Add a warning before they edit OR Add a notification on the Scheduling page of when they already have it scheduled.


  • Mary Sue Dahill
  • Feb 19 2021
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