Integrate Third Party Phone Systems such as GoToConnect or RingCentral - Improve API To Add Conversations

Idea: let us use a third party, dedicated phone system such as GoToConnect or RingCentral to place and receive all calls (and texts) - and integrate that with Go High Level.

This will give you world class phone features, such as caller ID integration, advanced call routing and multidevice support (not to mention unllimited calls and free texting).

As it stands, the conversation view in Go High Level will not include any calls made on our desk phone system, and there is no way to link them via the API.

Unless you only use the soft phone to make all outbound lead and customer calls, currently the Go High Level customer conversation will only show the inbound calls, which makes it very limited.

Extending the Go High Level API would fix this.

For example, we use GoToConnect by LogMeIn. That system allows unlimited texts and calls and has an API to access the full call history.

If you extended the Go High Level API to allow us to add conversations (phone and text) from other systems, it would be fairly straightforward to bring all of the information into Go High Level, regardless of which system actually was used. (If you can extend the API, I would be happy to write the integration and share it.)

Note - this would also let you keep your existing phone numbers and skip Twilio altogether. It's simple to port numbers to GoToConnect (we did). You could use GoToConnect to make and receive all texts and calls, even to record them, and then they could be linked to Go High Level via this improved API.

I get that Go High Level wants to be a "one stop shop" but without an extended API you are ending up with a mediocre version of everything and no way to integrate "best of breed" tools for those that want them.

All we need is a few extra nodes on the API to post new phone and text conversations and, ideally, associate a WAV file recording.

  • Colin MacLeod
  • Nov 23 2020
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