Dunning (Subscription Saver)

Samcart and other systems have a really cool functionality referred to as "Dunning"...

Do you sell subscriptions with your High Level account? Monthly, yearly, or anything in between.

What about charging your own clients each month?

Well what happens when one of your subscriptions has a charge get declined? What if the credit card was cancelled? Or the card passed its expiration date?

When any subscription payment fails, it automatically sends emails to your customer on your behalf.

These emails include a secure link where your customer can update the payment info they have on file, right from their inbox!

When the next attempt to recover the late payment happens, it uses the newest payment information, and your subscription gets saved! No lost recurring revenue, no time spent clumsily chasing down your customers.

  • Chris Forsey
  • Jul 27 2020
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