Full 2-Way Email Sync with Gmail and Office 365 (Similar to Follow-up Boss)

This is a very important feature for almost all of our clients as when they are talking to their Leads. They are exchanging different information with them for ex: real estate agents exchanging property addresses clients are interested in looking, personal details etc.

Lots of our clients or prospects we are talking to they are so addicted to this feature from Follow-up Boss that even though they love all the features in GHL, they are still not moving to GHL because of this very important feature to them.

  • Tejas Upadhyay
  • May 19 2020
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  • Yassin Shaar commented
    17 Sep 10:46

    I can't believe this doesn't exit. It's a deal breaker!

  • Rajesh Medampudi commented
    12 Aug 05:11

    Come on GHL this is one of thing that cannot is breaking our migration to the system. Client loses communication history with the customer.

  • kevin corkum commented
    16 Jun 19:41

    Even as an end user, the idea that i would have a 2nd email interface is definitely not attractive. Full secure integration with Gsuite is a big plus for me.

  • Nick Pifer commented
    03 Jun 23:04

    Yes, two way syncing would be awesome and is also a barrier for pretty much anyone in the real estate biz from adopting as Follow Up Boss, agent legend and others have it.

  • Tariq Elkhatib commented
    28 May 04:21

    My potential clients are currently use something called FrontApp and this is preventing them from fully switching to GHL because there is no email sync feature.

  • Tariq Elkhatib commented
    28 May 04:19

    It's just annoying having to use a mailbox and GHL because now they have to check messages in 2 different places. GHL is very close to being an all in 1 solution and having all mail go to GHL would be a game changer so that they can forget about their inbox and have their team work strictly from GHL.