"Set Custom Field" Trigger

Edit custom fields of a contact based on actions (Tags, opportunities, etc) - New trigger option.


Example: a lead was generated from a specific ad: set custom field with the name of the offer. Then, we can send emails to the lead without having to edit them for every offer: Hello X, thanks for requesting (X OFFER - CUSTOM FIELD.)


This will be particularly useful when the new Chatbot (Manychat lookalike) feature is out. If a contact replies x or clicks on x button: set a custom field to x. That custom field can then be used in emails, texts or to trigger other triggers. This will make HL a much more complete software and will save the users TONS of back & forth zapping.


*This has been requested multiple times on the Slack channel so I thought I would create a topic here. Feel free to add your ideas below.

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  • Nov 6 2019
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  • LaMaya commented
    6 Aug 11:05pm

    This would change the game! Is this in the works?

  • Guest commented
    19 Apr 01:40pm


  • John Bergquist commented
    6 Feb 07:13pm

    I would have thought this was already do-able.

  • Ken Callwood commented
    11 May, 2020 02:13pm

    This should apply to any field in the database, not just custom fields, but is definitely a must have.

  • Team Bam commented
    6 May, 2020 09:14pm

    This would be amazing!!!

  • Michael Hopkins commented
    7 Dec, 2019 07:47am

    this will be great especially when the contacts need to reference each other. https://ideas.gohighlevel.com/ideas/HIGHLVL-I-551

  • Jasdeep Goraya commented
    7 Nov, 2019 11:32am

    I was going to post about this idea but noticed this post. Currently, I rely on Zapier to get this done. I need to add specific custom fields for leads that come in depending on which ad they're coming from.

  • Guest commented
    7 Nov, 2019 03:54am

    Yes this is a good idea. We use Zapier for that as well.

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