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I basically want to have contracts built into the system. You could add a contract template and use all the contact merge fields and then get a signature on documents that are associated to contacts. 


A lot of existing CRMs for contractors have some sort of built in contractor feature so they can sell a job in the homeowners house. This feature would allow us to compete with those CRMs by providing a truly all in one platform. 


Also, for agencies, it would streamline the process by allowing us to send contracts right in the system while on the call. 

  • John Stokes
  • Sep 23 2019
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  • royston chua commented
    27 Jul 07:56



  • David Bustle commented
    23 Jul 15:27

    I used a program called hello bonsai for this and it's awesome. It have that also built into this would be sick. Like being able to generate a quick contract that has the customer's contact info in it etc like hello bonsai and also send invoices etc. would be baller. I know it can't do everything but this would be really sick.

  • Mike Gomes commented
    21 Jul 23:22

    Pdf generator and templates to generate proposals, invoices, and contracts. Also with merge fields

  • Samuel Levitz commented
    16 Jul 05:55

    Any updates on this request? Really a MUST HAVE integration

  • Clay Toma commented
    12 May 14:53

    This would be a great addition to HighLevel!

  • Jason P. commented
    06 May 21:41

    Pandadoc is pretty robust. Maybe a deep integration with them for now would be best. I use pandadoc now and have for 4-5 years. The best proposal software I've used. Although I agree creating a proposal function like that in HL would make it unreplacable for agencies.

  • Tyler Clark commented
    28 Apr 10:51

    Pls. PLS!

  • Matthw Miller commented
    09 Apr 16:58

    Wow, this feature would save my Proposify subscription currently I think we are paying $49 per month or $600 per year. Definitely worthwhile vote!

  • Valerie VanBooven commented
    02 Apr 15:41

    We could use signature capability on HL FORMS for employment apps and contracts!

  • Evan Thacker commented
    11 Mar 22:01

    Yes, definitely need this!

  • Jarek Rozyskie commented
    29 Feb 01:53


  • James Rivers commented
    11 Feb 14:32

    This is a must for all agencies. Automating your proposal or waiver form to go out after client sends payment is a must. I have used DocuSign and HelloSign for myself and clients. Having this integrated directly in HL would be amazing. 

  • Ben Baker commented
    11 Feb 04:03

    Got my vote! This should be a fundamental for sure. Being able to send docs like hellosign, and digitally sign them would be a game changer. Want to eliminate the need for 3rd party apps and Zapier for sure. Need it all in-house as soon as possible pretty please. 

  • Forrest Adsit commented
    16 Jan 00:31

    Yes please add this to GHL!

  • Andy Markets commented
    02 Jan 17:35

    This would be awesome! 

  • Larry Hickman commented
    December 14, 2019 17:10

    This would allow a more streamlined process for my agency; and potentially be something my clients could utilize!

  • Marilyn Jenkins commented
    December 09, 2019 12:31

    I agree! Some way to send contracts with e-signatures would eliminate other software and several steps to sign a new client

  • Lateef Ambali commented
    December 07, 2019 00:08

    This will be of great benefit to the community

  • Mike Wright commented
    November 23, 2019 01:50

    I have to send a contract to every customer this would be very helpful!

  • Michael Hopkins commented
    October 09, 2019 01:09

    With the funnel builder this should be easy to make happen I hope.

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