Advance Capabilities of Forms and Surveys

Offer the ability to create multi-step or multi-page forms. Additionally, offer the ability to use conditional logic for form fields, form pages, and form submissions, using if/then and and/or statements, to show/hide fields, skip to another page, or create an action after a form/survey has been submitted, all based on field entries. For instance, a form could be built where the first page gathers the customer's info and uses a multiple choice question to ask which offer they're interested in. Based on their offer selection, if/then statements could show additional fields pertaining to that offer that were previously hidden on page 1 and/or drive them to other pages inside the same form that are only accessible based on their offer selection. Once the customer submits the form, they can be redirected to a specific calendar based on their offer selection. Additionally, and/or statements could be added to stack conditions, where "this entry" AND "this entry" will show/hide "this" field or "this entry" OR "this entry" will skip to "this" page. We're currently using Wufoo and it offers this capability. It would be great to see those same features offered, so that we have the ability to create dynamic forms inside GHL.

  • Kevin Dicken
  • Nov 18 2021
Category (Product Areas) Forms, Surveys
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