*Update Custom Values with a Workflow Action!

We really need to be able to update a custom values value in the workflow as an action.

Imagine you are creating a loyalty system or some system where you would like to count the number of people joining or attending or whatever...

Anytime a person does X (your goal), you want to update Y (your custom value tracking X).

*Most of the time you would want to use an equation such as "Update {{custom.value_y}} to ( {{custom.value_y}} + {{contact_x}} ) or
( {{custom.value_y}} + 1 ) but custom equations also do NOT exist currently (that's another idea on the list already https://ideas.gohighlevel.com/ideas/HIGHLVL-I-3101)...

Either way, giving us the ability to Update a Custom Value using Workflows would be an absolute game changer!

Please Upvote This, It Will Help Open The Doors To So Many Possibilities!!!

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  • Ryan Hasiak
  • Nov 3 2021
Category (Product Areas) Workflows / Triggers / Campaigns
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