Allow Send Grid SMTP Campaign Reporting

I'm using Send Grid, and because of this I was told I can't get reports on my email campaigns. The campaign shows NA delivered NA Bounced and 0% opened etc....

This needs to be fixed. Why should we be forced to use Mailgun just to use High Level features? Surely there is someone with enough knowledge on this matter to fix it so that the Send Grid smtp users can also have these reports available on their email campaigns.

I put in so much time and work to develop and send my email campaigns to find out after the fact there aren't any reports on it simply because I'm not using Mailgun as my SMTP service..

Mailgun is over priced, ineffective and not user friendly. Send Grid is competitively priced, easy to integrate for me and all of my emails go directly to the inbox without hitting spam...

Using mailgun, all of my emails go to spam. I hate mailgun and do not want to have to switch everything over to mailgun because of this campaign reporting issue. As my CRM of choice, I hope that you have a meeting and make these changes for myself and other business owners I collaborate with who are also unhappy with mailgun. Otherwise I will be forced to find another CRM to use. That's how much I hate mailgun. Send Grid is way better. It would be preferred if I didn't have to leave high level.

Thank you greatly in advance. Hopefully someone there takes this request very seriously. Not having this feature is costing me time and money.

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  • Oct 18 2021
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