Bulk upload contact fields

Hi, I have been trying to get started using high-level for about 6 months now. The biggest reason I can not make it useful is that I need to create several hundred fields, and this takes way more time than I have to set up. With most CRMs and marketing systems you can do a CSV upload, and map any existing fields, and create new ones with header names from the csv quickly. Why can't this be done in highlevel? Any plans to make it easy to get your custom fields created and be able to make use of the great features it has to offer? Is there a workaround to having to create hundreds or thousands of fields one at a time? Also, once you have this many, there is no way to organize them into groups or categories, so you can never find anything. It is just one huge messy bucket of unusable data as far as a CRM goes. For our usecase, we are only going to use it to send emails and other marketing campaigns, and use hubspot as a CRM. But it would be nice if we could use it for everything.

  • Chase Henderson
  • Oct 12 2021
Category (Product Areas) Contacts
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