Essential Calendar Updates!

  1. The ability to copy an entire calendar with settings and times to a new calendar.
    (We set up different calendars to the same exact time and whichever schedules first “wins” the spot.) But it is a complete hassle to setup manually all days and times, multiple times for 6 different calendars.

  2. Ability to set repeating calendar days (as it is now), but to also see a calendar view to block out certain times in the future, holidays, staff training, etc. Right now, you have to wait until the week of the day you want to block out that day, which can cause people to schedule for unavailable days if you don't get to it on time. There is no easy way to block time out besides going into the calendar which is clunky and messy.

  3. That ability to turn off a day, but not have it delete all the times for the day.
    When you turn it back on, it should remember what it was set at. Currently when you flip the switch to turn off a day (perhaps for holiday or training), when you turn the day back on, you have to re-create all of the times for that day from scratch.

  4. The ability to pick a default calendar to appear for clients when scheduling. (There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which calendar shows up first. It could be one calendar initially and then could change to something else down the road.) Clients will sometimes have a default calendar be one they don't use, and have to change it each time.

  5. The ability to hide unused calendars. They may not be at a stage where they need 4 of the 6 calendars, so they don’t need to see them, but I don’t want to delete them and mess up triggers and flow. (For the same reason we would also like the ability to hide unused pipelines, but unrelated to Calendars).

  6. The ability to sync calendars to each other without relying on Google. I often get clients saying they have the google integration error so the calendars won’t block each other out until that gets fixed and clients get scheduling conflicts. We don't actually use the google integration, we just use it to block calendars which fails when google integration fails.

  7. The ability to copy times from one day to another day.

  8. The ability to give client staff members access to update calendar availability without giving them access to settings that opens up integrations, pipelines, etc.

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  • Oct 12 2021
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