Have a calling feature/app similar to how google voice allows a dial out from Voice or Carrier choice when calling out

In my business it is very advantageous to have reps calling from company owned numbers and too expensive to provide them phones. Google voice has a feature where, if turned on in the settings, each time a call is made on my cellphone, it asks me if I want to use google voice to make the call or my carrier. It would be amazing to have that same functionality but instead it would simply be using "white-label" to make the call or carrier. this way it would ensure that reps are more likely to utilize the CRM to make the phone calls to customers and in turn more calls would be received via the CRM. this would allow for infinitely better reporting on CRM use and also help to do away with auto-calls/messages going out to customers who have already been engaged often. It would also help us keep our customer data safe in our system and ensure that if a rep leaves the job, the customer is still contacting someone we route the calls to as opposed to the old reps cellphone.... too many implications for how good this can be and how it can help.... no more former reps bad-mouthing for example, or just not answering current customers who need attention bc they are calling the rep on their personal number instead of the given CRM routed number. not to mention this would allow for us to have many more recordings for call training and ability to have that much more control over the flow and inner workings of the business.

  • Evan Avery
  • Jul 19 2021
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