👉 SMS Verification Text With A Random Code

👉 Tired of getting leads with bad phone numbers?

Let's have a feature that after someone fills a form on our website, they receive a text with a random code, and they need to enter code to verify their phone number is correct. (please see image attached).

And if they entered a wrong phone number, they can click on "edit phone number", which will send them a text to the new phone number + update their phone number in HL. (please see image attached).

Twilio already has this feature, we just need to have it integrated with HL.

If you're tired of getting leads with bad phone numbers, or your clients are frustrated because they waste their time calling wrong numbers, please vote this idea.

If you see the value in this feature, please vote this idea and share it with others. Thanks.

Here's a video made by Twilio regarding this feature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekv6Xh_Im5c

Here's the link of this idea: https://ideas.gohighlevel.com/ideas/HIGHLVL-I-3706

Please share the link with other HighLevel users, thanks! 💪

  • Freddy Feldman
  • May 29 2021
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  • Robin Sulaiman commented
    6 Nov 05:36pm

    Twilio provides a phone number lookup feature that will verify if the number is active or not and the clients name.

  • Dustin Miller commented
    26 Oct 09:13pm

    Can't you just use the same code for everyone then add a trigger requires the reply to be that code? No one will know it's the same number everyone sees.

  • allen jimenez commented
    24 Oct 03:44pm

    I have this code done and for sale... I implement it on all our websites.... I also have a cool feature that gets all info regardless if they put in phone. Then I assign to a workflow based on the data.

  • Guest commented
    25 Sep 06:36am

    or just enable captcha

  • John Demitri commented
    16 Sep 12:41pm

    I think you can do this now. You just would need to setup triggers and make api calls. I will test it out and let you know.

  • Mike Wayne commented
    9 Sep 10:53am


  • Guest commented
    4 Sep 08:57pm

    Yes Please!!!

  • Guest commented
    16 Aug 10:16pm

    It's not done yet! Needs to be done immediately. Great for reducing lead gen churn.

  • giovanni sanchez commented
    21 Jul 02:56pm

    I really need,something like that

  • Reggie Sibley commented
    11 Jul 11:53pm

    Great idea

  • Dea P commented
    29 Jun 11:24pm

    this should be optional - have a toggle for on/off

  • Guest commented
    18 Jun 05:55am

    yes !

  • rajesh yadav commented
    10 Jun 01:53pm

    this is going to be game changer

  • Juve Hernandez commented
    2 Jun 03:15pm

    Yes, please!

  • Ashley Manning commented
    2 Jun 07:48am

    Yesss 🙌🏻

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