Email Stats Reporting

Looking for High Level to implement a report showing the email stats in the reporting area. Would like it to show delivery rate, open rate, click through rate, response rate, etc. We have had numerous requests for this. At the very least, can you provide an option in campaigns to export the stat data? We can't do anything with it currently and have to manually copy it over to excel to provide a report. Thanks!

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  • May 24 2021
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  • Diego Leyes commented
    3 Jun 04:19am

    I would love to be able to see the stats on the workflow. For example, to be able to see if certain lead open an email

  • Taylor Layne commented
    25 May 07:51pm

    Great Request! Following this thread.

    Support - Please provide us with a response or feedback on this. I upload complete profiles and several fields per contact and when export manually I don't receive the complete profile for reporting... Please assist