Allow replies to SMS from cell phone and not only GHL

Agency Owners and Clients want to be able to reach their leads from their cell phone without having to go through the app. We can set up a trigger to get the message to the cell, but we can't reply from the cell so some will likely miss leads thinking they replied to the lead from their cell.

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  • Mar 16 2021
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  • Brian Singer commented
    28 Jul 02:44pm

    You can do this with Zapier... Zap, new contact in highlevel, > create new contact in Google Contacts... if you sync your phone contacts with google contact, now the contact will be in your phone, and you can text from their.

  • Evan Avery commented
    22 Jul 11:07pm

    this needs to be done just like google voice, also the calling feature from google voice so that people can hit call on their phone and have the option to call from the ghl app instead of the carrier phone

  • Joseph Jones commented
    12 May 03:42pm

    Look into how the google voice app works to get this done.

    Their app works exactly how i wished our app did

  • Guest commented
    1 Apr 02:37am

    This would be a game changer...very needed

  • Josh Knox commented
    19 Mar 06:39pm

    This would be very nice for "on the road" sales agents, i.e. contractors, moving services companies, etc.

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