Account info sent to clients upon account creation

lets eliminate the task of having to email our clients manually their login info. An email should go out to all users when added to the accounts. 

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  • Mar 14 2019
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  • Fred Lescano commented
    31 Mar, 2020 01:43pm

    Not sure if you guys know, but you can create a new account for someone using Zapier. It can create the login as well and assign permissions. To make passwords unique, we use the same beginning piece of a password and add the person's last name (variable) after it so it always creates a unique account password. You can then create an email notification in your automation or in Zapier that can email that information to the client once you are ready.

  • Steve Querio commented
    21 Oct, 2019 05:12pm

    There should also be a resend login details email.

  • Curt Stevens commented
    11 Oct, 2019 12:01am

    From a security perspective, I would appreciate it if a temp password was generated for each user and a setting that forces a password change upon the next login was automatically set when a temp password is generated.

  • Guest commented
    6 Jul, 2019 09:07am

    Also, I really don't like that we have to create the passwords for our users. 

  • Guest commented
    6 Jul, 2019 09:07am

    I literally just hired someone where this is their main job. Automating this would be a major win. 

  • Evan Shapiro commented
    14 Mar, 2019 11:57pm

    I also think we should have the ability to toggle off "auto send"...bc most of the time, I don't want the client to login before we setup the account. In addition, there should be a button next to each users name "email login info", so we can click that and have it emailed to them whenever we want, without the hassle of having to manually email them

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