Membership Courses: Quizzes (Survey & Form Embedding)

Adding quizzes to memberships courses would allow customers taking a course to write back how they would apply the data they are learning.

For example we offer a new patient scheduler course, currently hosted with thinkific, that when a person completes a section they have to write their response to brief quiz on that section so that we know they understood it and can apply it.

We also before taking the course have people fill out an assessment of their current skills in a quiz form.


Right now as it stands in Highlevel, a person can log in to view a video or read an article (simple text) and just mark it as done without having to show their work.

However, playing around with the Survey Builder & Form Builder if we just had the ability to embed those into the membership sites we could not only prove people are able to apply the data in the courses but also be able to sort people taking the course based on their responses to the questions using custom fields and additional data functions.

  • Tony Klarich
  • Jun 3 2020