Add OR/AND operators to Triggers

Adding OR/AND opperators would greatly improve the ability to handle triggers without having to create multiple triggers for the same action. It makes the list of triggers less convoluted and more easily manageable if we need to change something in the action part of the trigger.

Right now if I have 5 triggers for the same action, I have to edit all 5 triggers whenever I want to make an edit to the action.

If we had AND/OR operators, we could combine 5 triggers into one, making it all more easy to handle and update as needed.

  • Lucian Lekaj
  • May 28 2020
  • Planned
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  • Sali Bina commented
    12 Aug 08:03

    yes!! this would be a game changer!

  • Sara Underwood commented
    28 Jul 17:40

    YES! This is VERY important. After moving off of Active Campaign to GHL, it is a nightmare trying to create triggers!

  • Tony McDougle commented
    09 Jun 00:22

    And definitely “if, then, else”!

  • Joel Padron commented
    02 Jun 23:27


    I needed to block out a series of words. I can't believe I need to make like 5 separate triggers for each phrase

  • Richard Ramos commented
    30 May 08:06

    This and;

    if, then, else