Update Website Builder like/better than Elementor!

Everyone would benefit from an easy to use builder like Elementor Pro, this makes the process of rapidly building client websites super easy and even novice clients and VAs could manage it easily and make edits to it. No more hard coding inline styles, add awesome section breaks, Hero Slider and support for Video Backgrounds! This is a NEED, not a want. Bonus points if able to rapidly generate seo landing pages based off [short-code-tags] ;-)

I would gladly offer up a wordpress / elementor pro dev environment for GHL devs to go in a scope it all out!

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  • May 27 2020
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  • Jeff Bliss commented
    1 Dec 10:41pm

    "Like Elementor" No. More like Thrive? Yes! : )

  • Guest commented
    27 Nov 07:43pm

    Applying WordPress themes via GHL would be amazing. Would make my life a bajillion times easier.

  • Virgil Vergara commented
    20 Nov 05:34am

    Can we just get GHL to integrate well with Wordpress? GHL already has a plugin and all it needs it so to take its shortcodes and its forms and have it accessible right in the dashboard of Wordpress.

  • Terrance Quezaire commented
    19 Nov 05:59am

    Updating the Website Editor to eliminate the need for columns, rows, and elements would be super Great!! It probly would mean a complete revamp of the current editor but wow would that be an upgrade of upgrades!! This company Convertri has done it correct and if we could do this we would be LIGHT YEARS AHEAD OF THE COMP, EVEN Convertri

  • Anton N commented
    14 Nov 02:15am

    Can we just make GHL be able to load Wordpress sites directly in its app? Then everyone can edit/build their sites easily using their favorite builder. I guess a virtual enironment that is installed with wordpress is easily to do technically speaking

  • Pete Rakozy commented
    11 Nov 11:06pm

    More like ThriveThemes...the blow everyone else out of the water. Better than Divi. Better than Elementor. They are the best.

  • Robin Sulaiman commented
    6 Nov 05:21pm

    Just the ability to copy element from one page to another would be great.

  • Tim Murray commented
    25 Oct 11:24pm

    +1 for Elementor (or similar) - including some add-ons such as in https://premiumaddons.com/pro/

  • Bradley Jones commented
    19 Oct 05:50pm

    I suggest more like Divi

  • John Horning commented
    19 Oct 08:48am

    I prefer Thrive Architect over Elementor, if you're looking for more suggestions.

  • Guest commented
    3 Sep 10:41pm

    well the landing page builder looks like the Goddady Builder and even in that case I think GoDaddy is better I will not even compare it with Divi or elementor

  • Guest commented
    27 Aug 10:48pm

    Even if the web builder were to remain as is, more elements or widgets are absolutely needed.

  • Richard De Angelis commented
    5 Aug 01:55am

    FWIW I hate using Elementor. I've been building websites for years.
    Beaver Builder and Kadence Theme are incredible tools that give the kind of functionality that is needed in this GHL Website Builder feature set. Don't get me wrong, Elementor is great in terms of it's feature set, but there's WAY more than is needed and it's UI is clunky and counter intuitive. Simplicity is key here. Especially if we want to give clients access to GHL Website tools for their use and adoption. We want long term love, not high churn and burn.

  • Guest commented
    2 Aug 04:46pm

    Did anyone use Webflow builder, can we have advanced front-end-features like those used in their builder?

  • Guest commented
    21 Jul 05:15am

    Elementor is one of the default WP builders. Please add as a tool.

  • Hellen Chrises commented
    11 Jul 08:03am

    It's great!

  • rajesh yadav commented
    10 Jun 01:57pm

    yeah the website/funnel builder needs lot of love...Get some inspiration from any builder such as DIVI, ELEMENTOR or even CF

  • Abie Kamara commented
    6 Jun 02:08am

    What I really like about Elementor that I would love to see in the GHL builder is Mobile Responsiveness. Would save so much time when building out funnel pages.

  • Guest commented
    29 May 04:22pm

    Simvoly have an incredible drag and drop builder so having something like this will be a game changer!

  • Guest commented
    28 May 03:03am

    WATCH THIS VIDEO to get ideas for improvements

    I'm happy that Highlevel has the ability to build websites, but it still lacking a little bit of functionality to be awesome.

    So I made this video to show some improvements that can be made:


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