Would it not make sense to have a library of images on the platform instead of me having to upload the same image (say, a logo for my client on their emails) over and over again? Why doesn't a library of previously used images appear to save me some time when building out a campaign?

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  • Apr 29 2020
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    19 Aug 17:00

    Can you specify where you are referring to (newbie here)? Are you talking about inside the Campaigns Tab/Feature or inside the actual email builder/creation tool.

    I know inside the HTML Builder I have been creating templates and whenever there was an image, I double-clicked on it and the "library" of previously used images comes up...

    I see in the Campaign when composing a new email and attempting to add image there is no library (assuming) that is what you mean... Would it be easier to make an email template with the settings/images/ etc... you wanted and then each time you want that info choose the template and then tweak it accordingly.

    But I guess it does make sense to have a library pop-up...