Folders for organization

Folders for Campaigns and triggers. It will help with organization.

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  • Feb 22 2019
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  • Scott Heliker commented
    16 Apr 08:45pm

    We need folders for Custom Values and Trigger Links also and the ability to have a description area under trigger links and custom value so if we are doing snapshots for people we can have a little description on what needs to be enter for the value.

    HTML markdown for the description area for these would even be a bigger bonus for hyperlinking to an instruction page.

  • George Copeland commented
    18 Nov, 2020 04:31pm

    You forgot "Custom Fields" in this one!!! :)

    It would be VERY valuable to have the ability to do accordian style grouping of Custom Fields (within "Additional Fields" view)

  • Mike Gomes commented
    9 Jul, 2020 02:38pm

    Thank you guys for the folders in campaigns and triggers.

    I was hope to get folders in templates for emails and sms

    And also tabs to separate the two... templates>tabs>folders>templates!

    Thanks 😊

  • Kayd Welke commented
    27 Mar, 2020 08:16pm

    Definitely need this!!

  • Brandon Mushlin commented
    27 Mar, 2020 04:34pm

    You doing a video on this? Don���t see it active in my system yet.

  • Russell Prisco commented
    11 Mar, 2020 01:23pm

    Also, SUB folders please! :)

  • Russell Prisco commented
    29 Feb, 2020 02:52pm

    Also being able to copy/clone the entire folders <3 <3 <3

  • Dustin Walker commented
    23 Feb, 2020 06:11am

    Yep, I want this.  We are just getting started with this software, and I am already seeing clutter build up!  Would love nothing more than organizational structure!

  • Josh Orion commented
    12 Feb, 2020 10:33pm

    This needs to be voted WAY up.

  • Guest commented
    20 Jan, 2020 10:07am


  • Michael Hopkins commented
    19 Jan, 2020 07:52pm

    Don't forget managing "Additional Info" Tab. That thing is a mess right now.  

  • Lateef Ambali commented
    2 Jan, 2020 10:50pm

    This is an absolute necessity. It will go a long way to improve the user experience and productivity. Thanks!

  • Walter Black commented
    13 Dec, 2019 04:53pm

    This would make me sooooo happy.

  • Jacob Oressie commented
    12 Dec, 2019 11:38pm

    This is super important and was one of the things holding me back from switching from AutoPilot. I feel so disorganized in HighLevel, this needs to happen ASAP!

  • Melissa Blair commented
    6 Dec, 2019 02:39pm

    Needed all throughout the system. Would help so much when it comes to finding what we're looking for and keep our house in order. :)

  • Chris Lyle commented
    15 Nov, 2019 08:31pm

    Take this a step further and only allow certain users to access that said folder.

  • Guest commented
    30 Oct, 2019 04:00am

    Please!!! :D

  • Steve Moskowitz commented
    30 Oct, 2019 02:48am

    Need this asap!

  • Mike Petritis commented
    8 Oct, 2019 05:10pm

    PLEASE. I was literally just about to add this same idea to the board.

  • Louie La Vella commented
    7 Oct, 2019 06:42pm

    Yes, in Conversations as well! Would be great to be able to create folders and move messages in there.

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